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HMS Trincomalee, Weddings at Hartlepool Marina

It is important, that your Hartlepool wedding photographer, knows every aspect of your wedding venue.

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HMS Trincomalee from the Bow
HMS Trincomalee Port side Cannons

Trincomalee, 3 masts and rigging. Hartlepool

This British warship, the oldest afloat was built in Bombay, India in 1817. HMS Trincomalee was brought to Hartlepool Marina in 1987, where it has undergone a loving restoration for more than 10 years.


If you would love this piece of Naval architecture to form apart of your wedding you will be pleased to know it is licensed to hold civil marriage ceremonies. This great ship is also available as a wonderful backdrop to your wedding day should you decide to host your reception at Hartlepool's Historic Quay.

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HMS Trincomalee wedding onboard

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HMS Trincomalee Starboard front

HMS Trincomalee, Bow and Figurehead

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HMS Trincomalee and crew Hartlepool

Scurvey sea dog holds umbrella for our bride


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Don't forget you can choose the style of photography. Reportage style being most popular today with its mix of the modern contemporary images and the traditional posed group shots.

Our master, local, friendly photographers are here to capture your HMS Trincomalee Wedding:
You know how important it is, that your chosen wedding photographer, knows every detail of your wedding venue?
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